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Real Estate / Surrey EconomIQ Insights Podcast

To invest or not to invest? High inflation business real estate considerations

Expanding businesses are facing a question of whether buying or leasing is the best path forward.

Agri-Innovation / Surrey EconomIQ Insights Podcast

Breaking the Silos for Agritech Innovation: Interview with AGtech Innovation Sandbox’s Sylvain Moreno

Boosting agritech innovations to strengthen food security has been a major topic of discussion as global supply…

Surrey EconomIQ Insights Podcast

Pandemics, Floods & Wars - Building Supply Chains During Crisis

The last few years have seen us experiencing a fair share of emergencies, from the COVID-19 pandemic to flood-…

Clean Technology / Surrey EconomIQ Insights Podcast

Revving up Electric Vehicle Manufacturing in Canada

As the world vies to produce more electric vehicles in light of historic high gas prices, we sit down with…

Smart Cities Infrastructure

Surrey Spending Pattern Series: Growing Retail Market Opportunities in Apparel

In the previous two weeks, we explored Surrey residents' dining preferences for restaurants and dining, as…

Surrey EconomIQ Insights Podcast

Looking at Surrey for a Competitive Edge: Interview with Prospera Credit Union's Ed Michielsen

Below is a summary of our Surrey EconomIQ Insights Podcast, where our guest Ed Michielson, Vice President of…

Smart Cities Infrastructure

Surrey Spending Pattern Series: Growing Retail Market Opportunities in Restaurants and Dining

Last week, we looked at Surrey residents' preferences in decking out their homes with furniture and décor.…


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How can Surrey’s farming and ALR land help the food security crisis?

More than one-third of the City's land is designated for agriculture, compared to 5% across the province

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Can you build a self-sustaining agri-food industry in a metropolitan city?

Surrey is unique as a municipal region with an urban growth area, agritech innovation and an active agricultural…

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Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference returns

Surrey's talent and location positions it to be a major city player for Cascadian growth

Real Estate

Surrey City Centre

University of British Columbia acquires $70M in land near Surrey Memorial Hospital

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is expanding in Surrey, with the purchase of 3 acres of land near Surrey…


City of Surrey joins the Consider Canada City Alliance as one of the nation’s largest municipalities with a focus on Foreign Direct Investment

In March 2021, the City of Surrey applied to the Consider Canada Cities Alliance

Surrey partners with major businesses to promote skilled career opportunities in the City

The City of Surrey has launched a Surrey Talent campaign with 8 other Surrey-based employers in the tech,…