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Retail & Entertainment

Retail & Entertainment Investment Opportunities 

As one of the fastest growing cities in the region and the only metropolitan centre South of the Fraser, Surrey is well-positioned to service the region's 737,000+ population looking for retail and entertainment options


Million spent on goods and services by Surrey residents every month.


Million monthly spend on entertainment and recreation by Surrey residents


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  • With higher income comes higher discretionary spending. Surrey’s average household spending on dining, household furnishings, clothing and accessories, and recreational entertainment surpasses the national average by 10%.
  • Over 210,000 sq. ft. of retail space is available in high-traffic locations including Surrey City Centre, Guildford, and South Surrey.
  • Surrey’s projected 1.84% annual population growth rate between 2020 - 2041 exceeds Metro Vancouver’s. The annual growth rate of Surrey City Centre is projected to be 5.78%, meaning more potential patrons and more room for new retail and entertainment establishments.
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Surrey's Distinct Town Centres

Surrey’s town centres have distinct features and offer unique advantages to entrepreneurs and investors in the entertainment sector:

  • Market opportunity for experiential entertainment in Surrey amounts to $421 million annually, and that’s anticipated to increase as the city’s population grows.
  • Whether we're talking about leading-edge virtual reality experience rooms, unique dining experiences, or live music venues, Surrey has a growing population always looking for things to do. 
  • Surrey residents spent an average of $2,670 on recreation and restaurants in 2018.
  • The culture and lifestyle in Surrey is attracting residents and investors in record numbers.

Your Opportunities:

  • Cinemas with VIP & 4D Experiences
  • Brewpubs & Micro Distilleries
  • Interactive Art Museums
  • Unique Dining Experiences
  • Live Music & Dance Venues
  • Experience Rooms (Virtual/Augmented Reality, Escape, Etc.)
  • Performing Arts Centres
  • Spectator Arenas & Conference Venues
  • Major Sports & Fitness Establishments
  • Film Production Studios