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Live and Work in One of The World's Most Desirable Regions

Recent projections for Surrey’s growth show that the city will become home to a million people within the next two to three decades, with the earliest forecast anticipating that our population hits this milestone by 2042.

Working and building a career in Surrey offers the ultimate work-life balance


Median total household income in Surrey


Surrey households earn 19.517% more than those in Vancouver

Census 2021

Newcomers are making Surrey home each month

Kids playing at Holland Park in Surrey City Centre

Situate yourself in the heart of one of the most livable regions in the world

The Fraser Valley region continues to set record property sales numbers as people choose Surrey for more affordable housing and a higher quality of life

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Within the next two decades Surrey is positioned to be the largest city in Metro Vancouver, which has been ranked among the top 5 livable cities in the world.

Economic Intelligence Unit, 2022