Digital Information, Communication Technology Opportunities

Invested in modern-day, high-speed, intelligent digital infrastructure

Internet of Things. Smart Cities. Autonomous Vehicles.

Current digital trends are transforming high speed internet and data from luxuries to commodities. Surrey's future-proof digital infrastructure investments means that we've laid the groundwork to become the next digital hub for the Metro Vancouver area. 

Your Opportunities

  • Data centres, colocation centres, & carrier hotels
  • Regional and cross-border fibre optic connectivity
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Internet exchanges
  • Industry 4.0 industrial automation & robotics
Data Server Surrey

Strategic Opportunity Analysis

Surrey is the gateway to British Columbia and Canada for the Pacific American States within the Cascadia Innovation Corridor. With a fibre optic data highway that runs from Surrey to California, the City is the perfect place to plant your flag for American-Canadian business operations. The increasing volume of data and information being transmitted through the corridor makes areas next to the US border, like Campbell Heights and South Surrey, ideal locations for data centres and associated digital infrastructure.

Case Study: Skydance Studios to invest $100 Million per year in Surrey production

Skydance Studios, maker of such Hollywood blockbusters as Terminator, Star Trek, and Mission Impossible, had just been awarded an eight season run of Altered Carbon and was looking to set up production in the region. Having explored other facilities in the US and Europe, Skydance saw the potential of converting a former Pacific Press building into 75,000+ square feet of production space to create one of the world's longest and tallest sound stages, while still being able to take advantage of the high-speed fibre optic network from Surrey to Los Angeles.

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