Investing in Your Success

Locating in Surrey means that you join the ranks of the fastest growing economy in the G7 countries. Competitive taxes, low costs, innovation, talent - you can have it all.

Looking Out for your Bottom Line

Not only do we have some of Canada’s lowest business taxes, but locating in Surrey also gives you access to a variety of provincial and federal tax incentives that encourage business investment and innovation. Perks exist for:

  • International Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
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Keep Your Costs Down

Our commitment to clean energy and smart infrastructure means you experience one of North America's lowest energy rates here.

Just 8.12 cents/kWh.


State-of-the-Art, Modern Infrastructure

Our latest and greatest infrastructure gives businesses the optimal environment for success.

Our $129 million capital construction program keeps Surrey at the leading edge of metropolitan transformation.

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Your Supply Chain Lives Here

Boost your business with the added speed and flexibility that comes from Surrey’s supply chain. Blossoming industry clusters in our priority sectors means that you get to drive your business forward with the most innovative technology.

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Personalized Market Intelligence

We make it easy for you to make business decisions.

Get in-depth analysis and metrics on possible sites and market opportunities for your business in just a few minutes with our advanced Site Selector Tool.

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