Ever-Expanding Innovation Ecosystem

Our network of start-ups, tech incubators, research labs, and support systems create an ecosystem that promotes and facilitates innovation.

A Centre for Innovation

As a recognized centre for innovation, leading-edge technology organizations are choosing Surrey as their home.

  • Venture Connections, an SFU-wide program offering entrepreneurship training services and opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Digital Health Circle, a BC-based non-profit supporting the creation of innovative new digital health technologies
  • Powertech Labs, one of the largest testing and research laboratories in North America
  • Quantum Algorithms Institute, an upcoming collaboration between industry, academia and government for the development and application of quantum technology to address real-world problems
  • Applied Genomics Centre, KPU's research lab developing moecular genetic and cellular product solutions for agircultural and human health sectors
Neuro-Innovation SFU

Educating the Talent of Tomorrow

Surrey's two local universities are educating our youth for the innovation jobs of tomorrow.

Simon Fraser University's programs span mechatronics, computer science, entrepreneurship, interactive arts, and sustainable energy and environmental engineering.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University's Tech campus offers mechatronics, agritech, and trades training to support the scaling up of businesses.

SFU Girl with Tech Glove

Innovation is in our DNA

Over $300 Million has been invested in creating Surrey’s innovation ecosystem over the last 5 years and we’re not done. Bring your innovative ideas to the city and get plugged into an environment that will foster and support it. We have programs and connections to support you no matter what business stage you are in.

Moving from prototype to final development and commercialization? Our Urban Technology Test Lab provides safe, local, real-world test zones to get you there.

Looking for new market opportunities? Our Supply Chain Resiliency Program is paving the way to connecting local innovators with emerging opportunities, along with methods to de-risk these opportunities.

SFU Sustainable Energy & Environmental Science Building

Meaning innovation, the kind that has transformative impact on our economy and society, requires an often elusive combination of focus, people, collaboration, and culture. Surrey has these ingredients and is uniquely positioned to be a global hotbed of innovation excellence.
-Dr. Sarah Lubik, Director of Entrepreneurship, Simon Fraser University

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