Future of Manufacturing - Interview with KTech Manufacturing

KTech is now just integrating its first collaborative robot to relieve operators of repetitive tasks. Listen to Josh Garbish and Jon Kroeker, President at KTech Manufacturing.


Hi, I'm Josh Garbish with KTech Manufacturing and I'm the General Manager here. Here at KTech, we manufacture metal and plastic components to customer specifications. We do this in our state-of-the-art precision CNC machining factory and we have the capability of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a true lights-out manufacturing facility. We are continually trying to push the envelope by using advanced manufacturing techniques and the latest equipment. 

Hi, I'm Jon Kroeker, President here at KTech Manufacturing. Ktech recognized the shortage here in the labour market and envisioned a way to produce more parts using less man hours by using the latest multitasking technology. Over the past decade, we have continued to invest in the latest machining technology to help automate more of our processes.

While most machine shops are able to offer 40-80 hours of work a week, we are able to offer 168 hours a week with our automated equipment. This has allowed us to be very competitive in pricing and offers shorter lead time, while offering a less mundane environment for our workers. Here at KTech, we are now just integrating our first collaborative robot to relieve operators of repetitive tasks. This will also allow our workforce to focus on innovation and solving the next challenge.

Our advice for getting into advanced manufacturing, although requiring a significant capital investment, is that you must first invest in your people because you have to have confidence that your workforce has the aptitude to execute the vision. It's about the people, and then the process. With our employees excited about the vision and our daily improvement of processes, we believe this has led to our success.

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