Smart Cities Infrastructure Opportunities

Surrey exists as a unique opportunity to build a smart city from the ground up, enhancing the lives for residents and businesses alike

Our new infrastructure is future-proof to support the data-driven needs of today and tomorrow's smart city. That means you have the opportunity to join our metropolitan transformation at ground zero, be part of Surrey's award-winning thought leadership movement, and know that your investment will stand the test of time. 

Traffic Management Centre Surrey BC
Your Opportunities
  • Light Rail Transit
  • Clean energy vehicle charging stations (EV, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, etc.)
  • Smart mobility and traffic management
  • Affordable housing & rental properties
  • Green buildings
  • Smart LED sensor technologies
  • Smart utilities & renewable energy

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Strategic Opportunity: Light Rail Transit in Surrey

Unlocking multi-modal transportation options in Surrey will create unique business and investment opportunities. The South of Fraser Rapid Transit Network is a two-phased project that will see 27-km of high-quality, street-level light rail transit transform Surrey into connected, complete and liveable communities. This project will not only create public-private partnership investment opportunities, but will also create transit-oriented development opportunities for sustainable densified communities adjacent to the LRT network. Over time, this increased population will create demand for new retail and commercial businesses localized to the communities connected through the system.