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Twice named 'Top 7 Intelligent Communities' by Intelligent Community Forum and winner of the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge

A Connection That is Reliable, Affordable, and Scalable

Our fibre optic infrastructure upgrades will provide 90% of businesses and homes with access to gigabit-capable Internet. This means better health care, increased transportation effectiveness, and safer communities.

Smart with a Purpose

  • Our transition to an 80% low-carbon energy system will save 3,300 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Less congestion with roadside sensors that can advise drivers of quickest routes through message signs, social media, radio, and our website
  • Technology deployment to build safe and engaged communities, increase community capacity, and support vulnerable people
Fibre Optic - Connecting Surrey

Innovation through Partnerships

True intelligence comes with collaboration and Surrey’s Innovation Boulevard health tech accelerator is a prime example of smart city partnership. This collaboration of government, academia, and industry has resulted in the commercialization of new health technologies, transforming patient care.

Innovation Boulevard in Surrey