The Surrey Metropolitan Transformation

Set in the fastest growing, most connected economic centre of BC, with coastal mountains and ocean inlets as an awe-inspiring backdrop, something genius is happening.

Here, the next generation of movers and shakers are being educated and empowered...

Prime Minister Trudeau and Innovation in SFU Surrey
and globally-demanded products and services are being supplied across the world by land, air, sea, and modern, digital high-speed highways.
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Here, radical innovations are being conceived and brought to life...

SFU Surrey Neuroscience
and award-winning intelligence is redefining what it means to be smart.
Lightning Fast Data Highway

Here, your business is set up for success...

Our Business Climate

and you can play just as hard as you work.

Our Culture & Lifestyle

Here, North America's Next Metropolitan Centre is Rising

A vibrant city is taking shape from the ground up, fuelled by partnerships between government, industry, and academia.

We are becoming a regional nexus for commerce
and a nationally-recognized centre for innovation.

Surrey BC Cityscape