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Investing in Our Future: A Roadmap to Realizing the Opportunities of Tomorrow

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City of Surrey Economic Strategy 2024

The 2024 Economic Strategy has one main goal: creating one job for every resident worker in Surrey. Recent projections show that Surrey will cross the one-million-person mark in the not-too-distant future.

This is a testament to the appeal of our diverse city, but it is also a sign that we must prepare. Mayor, Council and City staff understand the scale of the challenge, and are committed to meeting the moment. 

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Our Four Strategic Priorities

Over the next 5 years, the City is determined to be proactive and to position Surrey for this growth, while focusing on four strategic priorities:

Over the course of developing this strategy, we engaged with more than 1,300 individuals and 90 organizations.

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Collaboration will be key.

We are grateful for the participation of business, academic, and government partners and Surrey residents that have supported and informed this strategy, and greatly look forward to working with them to achieve our goals. Together, we will prepare Surrey for its future as a world-class city with jobs for every resident worker and a robust, diverse, and resilient economy.

Investing in Our Future: A Roadmap to Realizing the Opportunities of Tomorrow.