Surrey businesses supporting one another through Surrey Makes PPE

July 9, 2020
Through the Surrey Makes PPE initiative, the city’s growing PPE manufacturing sub-sector is both strengthening the local business ecosystem and highlighting the growing sense of community, as local businesses support one another through the crisis.
Texcan & Canada Private Pocket - Surrey Makes PPE

As Surrey businesses have been reopening over the last month, they have been able to benefit from the sixteen Surrey Makes PPE manufacturers producing a variety of products, from face shields, face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and gowns. Another twelve are in the retooling process to build capacity into current product offerings, as well as add new products.

From offices to stores and warehouses, businesses are looking to equip their workplaces, staff and even customers with necessary personal protective equipment to ramp up their operations. With uncertainty around the reliability of shipments from abroad and the quality of materials used, these firms are increasingly looking for local options. One such organization is Texcan, A Sonepar Company, which is headquartered in Surrey, BC. As one of Canada’s largest wire and cable distributors, they have been serving contractors, engineers, and end users since 1978.  

As an essential service, we have been open and serving our customers since the first few days of this crisis. We searched for locally made, quality PPE for our staff and Surrey Makes PPE provided a very simple and straightforward way for us to find and purchase the items that we needed.” - Chris Golf, President of Texcan, A Sonepar Company.

One of the companies helping businesses like Texcan is Surrey Makes PPE manufacturer, Canada Private Pocket. Specializing in anti pick-pocket clothing, they pivoted to add washable and reusable safety masks to help the community as COVID-19 hit. Their masks are now used across Canada as businesses reopen.

“We made the pivot back in April to do our part and each delivery is a physical representation to us of local supporting local. One of the positive things from the COVID pandemic is this amplification of the sense of community we have here in Surrey,” says Sharon, Owner of Canada Private Pocket.

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