Health & Wellness

Naturopathic clinic and vitamin dispensary. Online order & delivery.
Coastal Care Pharmacy
Free contactless home delivery, online refill requests, & compounding services.
Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Active Rehabilitation services delivered by TeleHealth and booked online.
Contactless home delivery, online refill requests, & compounding services.
Healing Movements
Live yoga class sessions focusing on anxiety and stress relief delivered online.
Online counselling appointments. Book online.
Love of Avery Kind
Psychic mediumship & spiritual development
Medisave Pharmacy
Pharmacy accepting prescription submissions online & offering delivery.
MOVE Health and Wellness
Physiotherapy, kinesiology, and counselling services via telehealth video conferencing.
Naz Wellness Pharmacy
Free prescription delivery.
One Step Counselling
Online counselling
Online fitness and yoga classes promoting healthy living through fitness training and diverse techniques. Register online.
Pacific Pharmacy
Pharmacy accepting prescription submissions online and offering curbside services & free delivery.
Surrey Health and Wellness
Counselling services. Book through email or phone.
Pharmasave Cloverdale
Integrative health for people and animals. Compounding pharmacy offering free prescription delivery.
Mediwatch Healthcare
Submit prescription and other pharmacy item requests by text. Delivery available.
Surrey Health and Wellness
Pharmacy offering online order & delivery
PhysioLife Physiotherapy
Call or email for tele-rehab services.
Surrey Health and Wellness
Specialty compounding pharmacy serving South Surrey. Send prescription via IDA app. Free delivery.
Online pharmacy offering free delivery
Prosper Pharmacy
Free prescription delivery.
Sequoia Wellness Collective
Professional grade wellness products for home use therapy. Online order & delivery.
Surrey Health and Wellness
Wide range of nutritional supplement products. Online order & delivery.
Surrey Health and Wellness
Telehealth appointments for patients who are not in severe pain and would like to make sure they don't become that way.
Tara Zorn Fitness
Live virtual fitness classes. Register online.
Vitality Collective
Online counselling services.
Online counselling services + therapy
Wescana Pharmacy
Free prescription delivery.
Yoga 360
Online yoga classes.
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