2023 Economic Strategy

Surrey Economic Strategy Update

The City of Surrey is developing an updated economic strategy to support business growth, job creation, and prepare for strategic investments. Learn about the process and get involved in the strategy development here! 

About the Strategy Update 

The City of Surrey is currently in the process of updating its Economic Strategy. The new strategy will be focused on preparing for strategic investment opportunities while creating well-paying jobs for residents. 

This strategy update will also account for how Surrey will respond to macroeconomic trends as the aftermath of the pandemic continues to ripple through the world economy. This strategy will expand on the existing economic strategy and will include seven strategic themes: 

  1. Investment Readiness and Attraction 
  2. Employment Lands Optimization 
  3. Future Economy & Innovation 
  4. Economic Resilience & Security 
  5. Local Business & Vibrancy 
  6. Distinct & Competitive Communities 
  7. Talent and Workforce 

Get Involved! 

Your feedback on our existing strategies and your ideas on our future focus areas are very important in creating a strategic path forward that is reflective of the community’s needs and aspirations. 

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