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As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, we are seeing disruptions across the food and dining industry globally. Effective immediately, BC restaurants can only offer take-out and/or delivery services. With these changes, food delivery services such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, Fantuan, SkipTheDishes, and Dishpal are offering an attractive business model for food and dining companies to stay operational during this time and complementing existing measures like curbside and contactless pick-up.

Why Food Delivery?

As people are increasingly practicing social distancing and opting to stay home, food delivery companies have seen a significant increase in demand for their services. These services have traditionally been attractive due to their ability to help companies reach new customers, generate new revenue, and allow restaurants to focus on food preparation while the delivery company handles the delivery costs and liabilities. However, as the COVID-19 crisis continues, food delivery companies’ marketing and operational roles are becoming even more important for local small business success, as companies like Door Dash and Uber Eats are investing millions of dollars into generating awareness for their online ordering and delivery services in order to connect communities with their local restaurants and cafés.

Sensitive to social distancing orders, these companies have also implemented contactless delivery options, as well as offered additional measures to help both the restaurants and the community, including:

  • Door Dash
    • Free orders for new partners for 30 days to help generate new revenue 
    • Adding 100,000 restaurants to free delivery to increase their order volumes
    • Offering independent merchants a $200 marketing credit per store location to boost sales
    • New feature that allows restaurant partners to receive daily payouts 
  • Uber Eats
    • Waiving delivery fee for all Canadian customer orders
    • New feature that allows restaurant partners to receive daily payouts
    • Waiving activation fees for all new small businesses and independent restaurants

How to Sign Up

While each food delivery company has their own dedicated restaurant sign-up page, the City of Surrey has developed an expedited process with a number of food delivery companies. Simply fill out the Restaurant Food Delivery Sign-Up form and we’ll fast-track you in the application process.

Employment Opportunities

Given the current economic situation, many food & dining establishments are downsizing their workforce in order to manage cashflow. The growth of the food delivery industry provides opportunities for laid off employees to connect with job opportunities as drivers in these companies. In fact, some companies are prioritizing hiring displaced employees from the restaurant industry as their delivery workers. To connect with food delivery driver and other growing employment opportunities, visit our COVID-19 Employment Resources page.

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