Build a brewery tasting lounge bigger than a tennis court in Surrey

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Big Tasting Opportunity

While BC has an average of 5.5 breweries per 100,000 residents, Surrey’s ratio is far lower at 0.77. There’s room for more and opportunities exist to tap into Surrey’s growing population across all our town centres.

Plus, our latest zoning by-law amendments slashes the red tape and makes it easier for you to locate here. In Surrey, you'll get access to:

  • Some of the most flexible tasting lounge allowances in Metro Vancouver
  • Competitive industrial land costs in Metro Vancouver
  • One of the fastest growing populations of early career-aged professionals & young families in Canada

So big. So flexible.

Surrey has some of the most flexible allowances in Metro Vancouver for establishing breweries with tasting lounges on industrial land. We allow for:

  • a lounge area (including tasting lounge and on-site retail) of 40% of gross floor area of the business, up to 150 square metres
  • an outdoor patio of 100% of permitted indoor liquor tasting lounge area, up to 80 square metres

That's up to nearly 2,500 sq ft of space - larger than a full-sized tennis court. 

Craft Brewery

Plus, relaxed parking requirements

Less mandatory parking spaces means more seating/standing/dancing room for your guests. We’ve loosened the parking requirements to:

  • Industrial use: 1 space per 100 square metres
  • Tasting lounge: 5 spaces per 100 square metres
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Tap into Metro Vancouver’s hotspot for regional migration of young families & working professionals

The trend of young families & working professionals choosing to move South of the Fraser and into Surrey is accelerating. In fact, Surrey accounts for 78% of the growth of early workforce-aged individuals in Metro Vancouver from 2016-2021. Poised to become the largest city in British Columbia in the next two decades, you’ll be establishing yourself in the heart of where it’s all happening.

Surrey, the heart of brewery expertise

Outstanding brewery talent is being fostered right out of Surrey's Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). KPU is home to the only Brewing and Brewing Operations program of its kind in BC and has been named #1 Teaching Brewery in North America in the 2019 Open College Beer Championships. In other words, the university is a talent machine for Metro Vancouver establishments and an innovation asset for the regional brewery ecosystem.

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Learn more about Surrey-specific market intelligence and additional details on zoning by-law changes in this webinar for the brewery industry, including brewery executives, consultants and other stakeholders. The webinar will run on Thurs, June 16 from 3pm - 3:45pm PST and include an opportunity for registrants to ask questions.

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We hosted a webinar going over Surrey-specific market intelligence and additional details on the zoning by-law changes.

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